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Home » Top Exams in India » Indian Forest Service Examination

Indian Forest Service Examination (IFS) 2024 - Exam Notifications, Exam Dates, Course, Questions & Answers, Preparation Material.
<h3><font size="1">Indian Forest Service Examination 2009 (IFS Exam)</font></h3>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">A
competitive examination for recruitment to the Indian Forest Service
will be held by the Union Public Service Commission commencing on the <strong>11 July 2009 (Saturday).</strong><strong>14th Feburary, 2009.</strong></font>
in accordance with the Rules published by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in the Gazette of India dated the </p>
<p><font size="1">Last Date for receipt of Appli...

IFS Exam Logo Indian Forest Service Examination (IFS) 2024 - Exam Notifications, Exam Dates, Course, Questions & Answers, Preparation Material
IFS Exam Name Indian Forest Service Examination
Exam Code IFS
IFS Exam Type UPSC Exam
IFS Exam Frequency Annual Exam
IFS 2024 Exam <h3><font size="1">Indian Forest Service Examination 2009 (IFS Exam)</font></h3>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">A
competitive examination for recruitment to the Indian Forest Service
will be held by the Union Public Service Commission commencing on the <strong>11 July 2009 (Saturday).</strong><strong>14th Feburary, 2009.</strong></font>
in accordance with the Rules published by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in the Gazette of India dated the </p>
<p><font size="1">Last Date for receipt of Applications: <strong>16 Mar 2009 (Monday).</strong></font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>Duartion of IFS 2009 Exam:</strong> 10 Days.</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>Website:</strong> <a href="http://www.upsc.gov.in/" title="www.upsc.gov.in" style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 102, 0);">www.upsc.gov.in</a>.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">The
number of vacancies to be filled on the results of the examination is
expected to be approximately 75. The number of vacancies is liable to
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Reservation will be made
for candidates belongings to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and
Other Backward Classes in respect of vacancies as may be fixed by the
Government. However, no reserved post for physically disabled
categories has been identified by the M/o Environment &amp; Forest.</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>Important</strong></font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>1. Candidates to Ensure their Eligibility for the Examination</strong></font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">The
Candidates applying for the examination should ensure that they fulfill
all eligibility condition for admission to examination. Their admission
at all the stages of the examination will be purely provisional subject
to satisfying the prescribed eligibility conditions.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Mere
issue of admission certificate to the candidate will not imply that
his/her candidature has been finally cleared by the Commission.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Commission
take up verification of eligibility conditions with reference to
original documents only after the candidate has qualified for
interview/Personality Test.</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>2. Application Form</strong></font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Candidates
must apply in the Common application form devised by the Commission for
its examinations, which can be purchased from the designated Head post
Offices/Post Offices (specified in Appendix-III of the Notice)
throughout the country against cash payment of Rs. 20/- (Rupees Twenty
Only). Each such Form can be used only once and only for one
<p align="justify"><font size="1">In case of any difficulty in
Application Forms from the designated HPOs/POs, the candidates should
immediately contact the concerned post Master or UPSC's "FORMS SUPPLY
MONITORING CELL" over Telephone No. 011-23389366/FAX No. 011-23387310. </font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Candidates are advised to read carefully the "Instructions for filling up the Application form".</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>3. Last Date for Receipt of Applications</strong></font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">All
applications must reach the "Secretary, Union Public Service
Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi - 110069" either
by hand or by Post/Speed Post or by Courier, on or before the 16th
March, 2009.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">The candidate should note
that applications will be received by hand only one at a time at the
designated counter(s) and not in bulk till 5 PM only.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">However,
in respect of candidates residing abroad or in certain remote
localities specified in Para 6 of this Notice the last date for receipt
of applications by Post/Speed Post only (not by Hand or by Courier) is
23rd March, 2009.</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>4. Facilitation Counter for Guideance of Candidates:</strong></font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">In
case of any guidance/information/clarification regarding their
applications, candidature etc. candidates can contact UPSC's
Facilitation Counter near 'C' gate of its campus in person or over
Telephone No. 011-23385271/FAX No. 011-23381125/011-23098543 on working
days between 10.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs.</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>5. Mobile Phone Not Allowed:</strong></font></p>
<ol type="a"><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">Mobile
phones, pagers or any other communication devices are not allowed
inside the premises where the examination is being conducted. Any
infringement of these instructions shall entail disciplinary action
including ban from future examinations. </font></p></li><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">Candidates are advised in their
own interest not to bring any of the banned item including mobile
phones/pagers to the venue of the examination, as arrangement for
safekeeping can not be assured. </font></p></li></ol>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">6.
Candidates are advised not to bring any valuable/costly items to the
Examination Halls, as safe keeping of the same cannot be assured.
Commission will not be responsible for any loss in this regard.</font></p><h3><font size="1">Indian Forest Service Examination 2009 - (IFS Eligibility)</font></h3>
<p><font size="1"><strong>3. Eligibility for Indian Forest Service Examination IFS Exam 2009 (UPSC IFS 2009) :</strong></font></p>
<p><font size="1">(i) Nationality</font></p>
<p><font size="1">A candidate must be either :�</font></p>
<ol type="a"><li><p><font size="1">A citizen of India, or</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">a subject of Nepal, or</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">a subject of Bhutan, or</font></p></li><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">a Tibetan refugee who came over to India before 1st January, 1962 with the intention of permanently settling in India. or</font></p></li><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">a
person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Burma,
Srilanka, East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic
of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam with the
intention of permanently settling in India.</font></p></li></ol>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Provided
that a candidate belonging to ca-tegories (b), (c), (d) and (e) shall
be a person in whose favour a certificate of eligibility has been
issued by the Government of India.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">A
candidate in whose case a certificate of eligibility is necessary, may
be admitted to the examination but the offer of appointment may be
given only after the necessary eligibility certificate has been issued
to him by the Government of India.</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>(ii) Age Limits :</strong></font></p>
<ol type="a"><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">A
candidate must have attained the age of 21 years and must not have
attained the age of 30 years on 1st July, 2009, i.e. he must have been
born not earlier than 2nd July, 1979 and not later than 1st July, 1988.</font></p></li><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">The upper age limit prescribed above will be relaxable :�</font></p></li></ol>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">(i) upto a maximum of five years if a candidate belongs to a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">(ii)
upto a maximum of three years in the case of candidates belonging to
Other Backward Classes who are eligible to avail of reservation
applicable to such candidates.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">(iii) upto
a maximum of five years if a candidate had ordinarily been domiciled in
the State of Jammu &amp; Kashmir during the period from the 1st
January, 1981 to the 31st day of December, 1990.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">(iv)
upto a maximum of three years in the case of Defence Services personnel
disabled in operations during hostilities with any foreign country or
in a disturbed area and released as a consequence thereof:</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">(v)
upto a maximum of five years in the case of ex-servicemen including
Commissioned Officers and ECOs/SSCOs who have rendered at least five
years Military Service as on 1st July, 2009 and have been released (i)
on completion of assignment (including those whose assignment is due to
be completed within one year from 1st July, 2009) otherwise than by way
of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency, or
(ii) on account of physical disability attributable to Military
Service, or (iii) on invalidment.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">(vi)
Upto a maximum of five years in the case of ECOs/SSCOs who have
completed an initial period of assignment of five years of Military
Service as on 1st July, 2009 and whose assignment has been extended
beyond five years and in whose case the Ministry of Defence issues a
certificate that they can apply for civil employment and that they will
be released on three month's notice on selection from the date of
receipt of offer of appointment.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">(vii) upto a maximum of 10 years in the case of blind, deaf-mute and Orthopaedically handicapped persons.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>NOTE I:</strong>
Candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and
the Other Backward Classes who are also covered under any other clauses
of para 3(ii) (b) above, viz. those coming under the category of
Ex-servicemen, persons domiciled in the State of J &amp; K, blind,
deaf-mute and orthopadically handicapped etc. will be eligible for
grant of cumulative age-relaxation under both the categories.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>NOTE II:</strong>
The term ex-servicemen will apply to the persons who are defined as
ex-servicemen in the Ex-servicemen (Re-employment in Civil Services and
Posts) Rules, 1979, as amended from time to time.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note III:</strong>
The age concession under Para 3(ii)(b)(v) and (vi) will not be
admissible to Ex-Servicemen and Commissioned Officers including
ECOs/SSCOs, who are released on own request.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>NOTE IV:</strong>
Notwithstanding the provision of age-relaxation under para 3(ii) (b)
(vii) above, a physically disabled candidate will be considered to be
eligible for appointment only if he/she (after such physical
examination as the Government or appointing authority, as the case may
be, may prescribe) is found to satisfy the requirements of physical and
medical standards for the concerned Services/posts to be allocated to
the physically disabled candidates by the Government.</font></p>
<p><font size="1">Save as provided above the age limits prescribed can in no case be relaxed.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">The
date of birth accepted by the Commission is that entered in the
Matriculation or Secondary School Leaving Certificate or in a
certificate recognised by an Indian University as equivalent to
Matriculation or in an extract from a Register of Matriculates
maintained by a University, which extract must be certified by the
proper authority of the University or in the Higher Secondary or an
equivalent examination certificate.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">No
other document relating to age like horoscopes, affidavits, birth
extracts from Municipal Corporation, service records and the like will
be accepted.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">The expression
Matriculation/Secondary Examination Certificate in this part of the
instruction includes the alternative certificates mentioned above.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note 1:</strong>
Candidates should note that only the Date of Birth as recorded in the
Matriculation/Secondary Examination Certificate or an equivalent
certificate on the date of submission of applications will be accepted
by the Commission and no subsequent request for its change will be
considered or granted.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note 2 :</strong>
Candidates should also note that once a Date of Birth has been claimed
by them and entered in the records of the Commission for the purpose of
admission to an Examination, no change will be allowed sub- sequently
(or at any other Examination of the Commission) on any grounds
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note 3 :</strong> The
candidate should exercise due care while entering their date of birth
in column 8 of the application form. If on verification at any
subsequent stage, any variation is found in their date of birth from
the one entered in their matriculation or equivalent Examination
certificate, disciplinary action will be taken against them by the
commission under the Rules.</font></p><h3><font size="1">Indian Forest Service Examination 2009 - Educational Qualifications</font></h3>
<p><font size="1"><strong>(iii) Minimum Educational Qualifications for IFS Exam 2009 (UPSC IFS 2009) :</strong></font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">The
candidate must hold a Bachelor�s degree with at least one of the
subjects namely Animal Husbandry &amp; Veterinary Science, Botany,
Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology or a
Bachelor�s degree in Agriculture, Forestry or in Engineering of any of
Universities incorporated by an Act of the Central or State Legislature
in India or other educational institutions established by an Act of
Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University Under Section 3 of
the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note I:</strong>
Candidates who have appeared at an examination the passing of which
would render them educationally qualified for the Commission�s
examination but have not been informed of the results as also the
candidates who intend to appear at such a qualifying examination will
also be eligible for admission to this examination.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Such
candidates will be admitted to the examination if otherwise eligible
but their admission would be deemed to be provisional and subject to
cancellation, if they do not produce proof of having passed the
requisite examination along with the detailed application which will be
required to be submitted to the Commission by the candidates who
qualify on the result of the written part of the examination.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note II: </strong>
In exceptional cases the Union Public Service Commission may treat a
candidate who has not any of the foregoing qualifications as a
qualified candidate provided that he/she has passed examination
conducted by the other Institutions, the standard of which in the
opinion of the Commission justifies his/her admission to the
<p><font size="1"><strong>IFS Exam 2009 Educational Qualification Code</strong></font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Codes prescribed for educational qualification are as follows :</font></p>
<p><table align="center" border="1" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<tbody><tr><th><font size="1">Code</font></th><th><font size="1">Educational qualification</font></th></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td align="center"><font size="1">01</font></td><td><font size="1"> If you have already passed the requisite qualifying Examination, with prescribed subject;</font></td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td align="center"><font size="1">02</font></td><td><font size="1">If you have appeared/appearing at the requisite qualifying Examination, with prescribed subject;</font></td></tr>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Choose the correct code applicable in your case and darken the appropriate circles. Write the same code in the boxes.</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>(iv) Number of attempts :</strong></font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Every candidate appearing at the Examination, who is otherwise eligible, shall be permitted four attempts at the examination.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">The restriction is effective from the examination held in 1984.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Provided
that this restriction on the number of attempts will not apply in the
case of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates who are
otherwise eligible.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Provided further that
the number of attempts permissible to candidates belonging to Other
Backward Classes, who are otherwise eligible, shall be seven.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note 1</strong> � A candidate shall be deemed to have made an attempt at the examination if he actually appears in any one or more papers.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note 2</strong>
� Notwithstanding the disqualification/cancellation of candidature the
fact of appearance of the candidate at the examination will count as an
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>(v) Physical Standards :</strong>Candidates
must be physically fit according to physical standards for admission to
Indian Forest Service Examination, 2009 of the rules for the Indian
Forest Service Examination, 2009 published in Gazette of India dated
14th February, 2009.</font></p><h3><font size="1">Indian Forest Service Examination 2009 - Exam Fee</font></h3>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>4. Indian Forest Service Examination IFS 2009 Exam (UPSC IFS 2009) FEE:</strong>
A candidate seeking admission to examination must pay to the Commission
a fee of Rs. 100.00 (Rupees One Hundred only) through a single Central
Recruitment Fee Stamp of the requisite denomination (NOT postage
stamps) may be obtained from the post office and affixed on the
application form in the space provided therein. The stamp must be got
cancelled from the issuing Post Office with the date stamp of the post
office in such a manner that the impression of the cancellation mark
partially overflow on the application form itself but within the space
provided on the form. The impression of the cancellation mark should be
clear and distinct to facilitate the identification of date and the
Post Office of issue.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Candidates residing
abroad should deposit the prescribed fee in the office of India's High
Commissioner, Ambassador or representative abroad as the case may be
for credit to account head "051-Public Service Commission-Examination
Fees" and attach the receipt with the application.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Candidates
belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes are not required to pay
any fee. No Fee exemption is, However, Available to OBC Candidates and
they are required to pay the prescribed full fee.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">Physically
disabled persons are exempted from the payment of fee provided they are
otherwise eligible for appointment to the Services/Posts to be filled
on the results of this examination on the basis of the standards of
medical fitness for these Services/Posts (including any concessions
specifically extended to the physically disabled). A physically
disabled candidate claiming age relaxation/fee concession will be
required by the Commission to submit along with his/her detailed
application form, a certified copy of the certificate from a Government
Hospital/Medical Board in support of his/her claim for being physically
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note:</strong>
Notwithstanding the aforesaid provision for age relaxation/fee
exemption, a physically disabled candidate will be considered to be
eligible for appointment only if he (after such physical examination as
the Government or the appointing authority, as the case may be, may
prescribe) is found to satisfy the requirements of physical and medical
standards for the concerned Services/Posts to be allocated to
Physically Disabled candidates by the Government.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">'Postage
Stamps' will in no case be accepted in lieu of �Central Recruitment Fee
Stamp�.Candidates should note that the fee sent through Indian Postal
Orders, Bank Draft, Money Order, Crossed Cheque, Currency notes or
Treasury Challan etc. will not be accepted by the Commission and such
applications will be treated as without fee and will be summarily
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note I:</strong> Applications not accompanied by the prescribed Fee (Unless remission of Fee is claimed) shall be summarily rejected.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note II:</strong>
Fee once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances nor can the
fee be held in reserve for any other examination or selection.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1"><strong>Note III:</strong>
If any candidate who took the Indian Forest Services Examination held
in 2008 wishes to apply for admission to this examination, he must
submit his application so as to reach the Commission�s Office by the
prescribed date without waiting for the results or an offer of
appointment.</font></p><h3><font size="1">Indian Forest Service Examination 2009 - IFS Exam Pattern</font></h3>
<p><font size="1"><strong>IFS Scheme of Examination:</strong></font></p>
<p><font size="1">The competitive examination for the Indian Forest Service comprises:</font></p>
<p><font size="1">(A) The written examination consisting of the following papers:</font></p>
<p><table align="center" border="1" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<tbody><tr valign="top"><td><font size="1">Paper I</font></td><td><font size="1">General English</font></td><td><font size="1">300 marks</font></td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td><font size="1">Paper II</font></td><td><font size="1">General Knowledge</font></td><td><font size="1">300 marks</font></td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td><font size="1">Paper III<br>Paper IV<br>Paper V<br>Paper VI</font></td><td><div align="justify"><font size="1">Any
two subjects to be selected from the list of the optional subjects set
out in para 2 below. Each subject will have two papers.</font></div></td><td><font size="1">200 Marks for each paper</font></td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td><font size="1">&nbsp;</font></td><td><font size="1">Total</font></td><td align="center"><font size="1">1400 Marks</font></td></tr>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">(B) Interview for Personality Test of such candidates as may be called by the Commission� Maximum marks : 300</font></p>
<p><font size="1">2. List of Optional Subjects (subject to provisions below):</font></p>
<ol type="i"><li><p><font size="1">Agriculture</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Agricultural Engineering</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Animal Husbandry &amp; Veterinary Science</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Botany</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Chemistry</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Chemical Engineering</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Civil Engineering</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Forestry</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Geology</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Mathematics</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Mechanical Engineering</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Physics</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Statistics</font></p></li><li><p><font size="1">Zoology</font></p></li></ol>
<p><font size="1">Provided that the candidates will not be allowed to offer the following combination of subjects :</font></p>
<ol type="a"><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering</font></p></li><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">Agriculture and Animal Husbandary and Veterinary Science.</font></p></li><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">Chemistry and Chemical Engg.</font></p></li><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">Mathematics and Statistics.</font></p></li><li><p align="justify"><font size="1">Of
the Engineering subjects viz. Agricultural Engineering, Chemical
Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering - not more
than one subject; </font></p></li></ol>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">1.
Personality Test�The candidates will be interviewed by a Board of
competent and unbiased observers who will have before them a record of
this career. The object of the interview is to assess the personal
suitability of the candidate for the Service. The candidate will be
expected to have taken an intelligent interest not only in his/her
subjects of academic study but also in events which are happening
around him both within and outside his own State or country, as well as
in modern currents of thoughts and in new discoveries which should
rouse the curiosity of well-educated youth.</font></p>
<p align="justify"><font size="1">2.
The technique of the interview is not that of a strict cross
examination, but of a natural, though directed and purposive
conversation, intended to reveal mental qualities of the candidate. The
Board will pay special attention to assessing the intellectual
curiosity, critical powers of observation and assimilation, balance of
judgment and alertness of mind, initiative, tact, capacity for
leadership; the ability for social cohesion, mental and physical energy
and powers of practical application; integrity of character; and other
qualities such as topographical sense, love for out-door life and the
desire to explore unknown and out of way places.</font></p>
<p><font size="1"><strong>Schedule</strong></font></p>
<ul><p align="justify"><font size="1">*
The standard of papers in General English and General Knowledge will be
such as may be expected of a Science or Engineering graduate of an
Indian University.</font></p><p align="justify"><font size="1">* The Scope of the
Syllabus for optional subject papers for the examination is Broadly of
the Honours Degree level i.e. A level Higher than the Bachelors Degree
and lower than the Masters Degree. In the case of Engineering subjects,
the level corresponds to the Bachelors Degree.</font></p><p align="justify"><font size="1">* There will be no practical examination in any of the subjects.</font></p></ul>
<p><font size="1"><strong>General English</strong></font></p>
<ul><p align="justify"><font size="1">*
Candidates will be required to write an essay in English. Other
questions will be designed to test their understanding of English and
workmanlike use of words. Passages will usually be set for summary or
<p><font size="1"><strong>General Knowledge</strong></font></p>
<ul><p align="justify"><font size="1">*
General Knowledge including knowledge of current events and of such
matters of every day observation and experience in their scientific
aspects as may be expected of an educated person who has not made a
special study of any scientific subject. The paper will also include
questions on Indian Polity including the political system and the
Constitution of India, History of India and Geography of a nuture which
the candidate should be able to answer without special study.</font></p></ul>
<p><font size="1"><strong>Optional Subjects</strong></font></p>
<ul><p align="justify"><font size="1">*
Total number of questions in the question papers of optional subjects
will be eight. All questions will carry equal marks. Each paper will be
divided into two parts, viz. Part A and Part B, each part containing
four questions. Out of eight questions, five questions are to be
attempted. One question in each part will be compulsory. Candidates
will be required to answer three more questions out of the remaining
six questions, taking at least one question from each Part.</font></p><p align="justify"><font size="1">* In this way, at least two questions will be attempted from each Part i.e. one compulsory question plus one more.</font></p></ul>

IFS Exam Syllabus Indian Forest Service Examination (IFS) 2024 2025 Exam Syllabus
IFS Exam Results Indian Forest Service Examination (IFS) 2023 2024 Exam Results
IFS Exam Training Institutes Top Indian Forest Service Examination (IFS) Training Institutes
IFS Participating Colleges Indian Forest Service Examination (IFS) Participating Colleges
IFS Exam Notifications Latest Indian Forest Service Examination (IFS) 2024 Exam Notifications
IFS Exam Scholarship Scholarships available for IFS 2024 2025 Exam
IFS Exam Last date of Submission 16 Mar 2009 (Monday)
IFS Exam Date 11 July 2009 (Saturday)


  CDS - Combined Defence Services Examination
  CESE - Combined Engineering Services Examination
  CMSE - Combined Medical Services Examination
  CPFE - Central Police Forces Examination
  CSE - Civil Services Examination
  Geologist Examinatio - Geologist Examination
  IAS - Indian Administrative Service Exam
  IES - Indian Economic Service
  IES - Indian Engineering Service
  IFS - Indian Forest Service Examination
  ISS - Indian Statistical Service
  NDA - National Defence Academy
  NDA - National Defence Academy
  RPSC - Rajasthan Public Service Commission
  SCRA - Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination
  Section Officers - Section Officers/ Stenographers (Grade B/Grade-I) Limited Departmental Competitive Examination
  UPSC - Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

  IES - Indian Engineering Service
  GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
  CAT - Common Admission Test
  UPSC - Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
  AIEEE - All India Engineering Entrance Examination
  IIT JEE - Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination
  AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam
  AFMC - Armed Forces Medical College Entrance Exam
  IES - Indian Economic Service
  IFS - Indian Forest Service Examination
  MAT - AIMA Management Aptitude Test
  AIPMT - All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Examination
  GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test Exam
  IGNOU - Indira Gandhi National Open University
  AICET - All India Common Entrance Test
  MAT - Management Aptitude Test
  IAS - Indian Administrative Service Exam
  DU - University of Delhi
  IOCL - Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
  PUC - Pre University Course
  NIFT - National Institute of Fashion Technology
  SNAP - Symbiosis National Aptitude Test
  CDS - Combined Defence Services Examination
  NDA - National Defence Academy
  IAF - Indian Air Force Examinations
  Indian Army - Indian Army Examinations
  Indian Navy - Indian Navy Examinations
  DRDO - Defence Research and Development Organisation
  SSLC - Kerala SSLC
  CLAT - Common Law Admission Test
  ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation
  SAIL - Steel Authority of India
  NDA - National Defence Academy
  WBJEE - West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations
  ICSE - Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
  JNU EEE - Jawaharlal Nehru University Engineering Entrance Exam
  UPCMET - Uttar Pradesh Combined Medical Entrance Test
  NTPC - National Thermal Power Corporation
  SSC - Staff Selection Commission
  CMC - Christian Medical College Ludhiana Medical Entrance Exam
  CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education
  CMC Vellore - Christian Medical College Vellore Entrance Exam
  HPSC - Haryana Public Service Commission
  Karnataka CET - Karnataka Common Entrance Test
  BHU PMT - Banaras Hindu University Medical Entrance Exam
  BITSAT - Birla Institute of Technology and Science
  Haryana PMT - Haryana Pre Medical Entrance Test
  UPMCAT - Uttar Pradesh Management Common Aptitude Test
  Orissa JEE - Orissa Joint Entrance Examination
  KCET - Karnataka Common Entrance Test
  MHT-CET - Maharashtra Common Entrance Test
  MHT CET - Maharashtra Common Entrance Test
  MP PMT - Madhya Pradesh Pre Medical Test
  UPCAT - Uttarpradesh Common Admission Test
  JMI - Jamia Milia Islamia Entrance Exam
  TANCET - TamilNadu Common Entrance Test
  TAPMI - T.A. Pai Management Institute Entrance Exam
  GUJCET - Gujarat Common Entrance Test
  XLRI XAT - XLRI Jamshedpur School of Management XAT

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