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Home » List of Examinations » National Defence Academy

National Defence Academy (NDA)

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National Defence Academy Examination (I) - NDA 2009ExamDate

Last Date for Receipt ofApplications17.11.2008

An Examination willbeconducted by the Union Public Service Commission on19thApril 2009,for admission to the Army,Navy and Air forcewings of the NDA for the123rd Course and NavalAcademy for the 43rd10+2 (Executive Branch)course commencing from 30thDecember2009.

Theapproximate number of vacancies to be filled ontheresults of thisexamination will be 335 (195 for the Army, 39 forNavy,66 for the Airforce and 35 for the Executive Branch ofNavalAcademy).

Vacancies are provisional and may be changed dependingonthe availability of training capacity of NationalDefenceAcademy.

Note:A candidate is required tospecify clearly in col.17(I) of theApplication form the Services forwhich he wishes to beconsidered inthe order of hispreference.

Heis also advised to indicateasmany preferences as he wishes to opt sothat having regard to hisrank inthe order of merit due considerationcan be given to hispreferences whenmaking appointments.

Candidatesshould Note thattheywill be considered for appointment to thoseservices only for whichtheyexpress their preferences and for no otherservice(s). No requestforaddition/alteration in the preferencesalready indicated by acandidatein his application will be entertainedbytheCommission.

before indicatingtheir preferences for differentcourses,the candidates should firstdecide their preference for thetwoAcademies viz.

NationalDefence AcademyandNaval Academy (Executive Branch). If a candidateopts forNationalDefence Academy as his first choice, he must firstindicatehispreferences for different wings of National DefenceAcademy vizArmy,Navy and Air force followed by his preferences forNavalAcademy(Executive Branch).

Alternatively,if acandidateopts for Naval Academy (Executive Branch) as his firstchoice,he mustfirst indicate his preference for Naval Academy(ExecutiveBranch) ashis first choice, followed by his preference fordifferentwings ofNational Defence Academy.

Thus candidates opting forNavalAcademy (Executive Branch) Course aswell as other courses ofNationalDefence Academy must give NavalAcademy (Executive Branch) astheir firstpreference or the lastpreference. Naval Academy (ExecutiveBranch)cannot be given as 2nd or3rd preference. Even if NavalAcademy(Executive Branch) is given as2nd or 3rd preference by thecandidate,it will be deemed to be thelastpreference.

Admission to theabovecourses will be made on the results ofthe written examination tobeconducted by the Commission followed byintelligence andpersonalitytest by the Services Selection Board ofcandidates whoqualify in thewrittenexamination.


1. Candidates to ensure theireligibility for theexamination:

TheCandidates applying for theexamination should ensurethat they fulfillall eligibility condition foradmission toexamination. Their admissionto all the stages of theexamination willbe purely provisional subjectto satisfying theprescribed eligibilityconditions Mere issue ofadmission certificate tothe candidate will notimply that his/hercandidature has been finallycleared by theCommission.

Commission take up verificationof eligibility conditionswithreference to original documents only afterthe candidate hasqualifiedfor interview/PersonalityTest.


Candidatesmust apply in theCommon Application form devisedby the Commission forits examination,which can be purchased from theDesignated Head Postoffices/Post offices(specified in Appendix III ofthe notice)throughout the country againstcash payment of Rs. 20/-(Rupees Twentyonly). Each such form can be usedonly once and only foroneexamination.

In case of anydifficultyinobtaining Application forms from the designated HPOs/POs,thecandidatesshould immediately contact the concerned post MasterorUPSC's "formsSupply Monitoring Cell" over TelephoneNo.011-23389366/Fax No.011-23387310.

Candidatesare advised to readcarefully the "Instructionsfor filling up theApplication form" given inAppendix-II of thisnotice.

3. Last date for receiptofapplications:

Allapplications must reach the"Secretary, Union PublicServiceCommission, Dholpur House, ShahjahanRoad, New Delhi - 110069"eitherby hand or by Post/Speed Post or byCourier, on or before the17thNovember 2008.

However, inrespectofcandidates residing abroad or in certain remote localitiesspecifiedinpara 6 of this Notice the last date for receipt ofapplicationbyPost/Speed Post only (not by Hand or by Courier) is24thNovember2008.

4. Penalty for wronganswers:

Candidatesshould Note thatthere will be penalty (negativemarking) for wronganswers marked by acandidate in the Objective TypeQuestion Papers.

5. Facilitation counterforguidance of candidates :

Incase ofanyguidance/information/clarification regardingtheirapplications,candidature etc. candidates can contactUPSC'sFacilitation Counter neargate 'C' of its campus in person oroverTelephone No.011-23385271/011-23381125/011-23098543 on workingdaysbetween 10.00 hrsand 17.00 hrs.

6. Mobile PhonesBanned:

  1. Mobilephones, pagers or anyother communication devices arenot allowedinside the premises where theexamination is beingconducted. Anyinfringement of these instructionsshall entaildisciplinary actionincluding ban fromfutureexaminations.
  2. Candidatesare advised intheirown interest not be bring any of the banned itemsincludingmobilephones/pagers to the venue of the examination, asarrangementforsafekeeping cannotbeassured.

National DefenceAcademy Examination (I)- NDA Eligibility 2009

(a) Nationality: A candidate must eitherbe:

  1. a citizen ofIndia,or
  2. asubject ofBhutan, or
  3. asubject of Nepal,or
  4. a Tibetan refugee who cameover to India before the 1stJanuary, 1962 with the intention ofpermanently settling inIndia,or
  5. aperson of Indian origin whohasmigrated from Pakistan, Burma, SriLanka and East African CountriesofKenya, Uganda, the United Republicof Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, ZaireandEthiopia and Vietnam with theintention of permanently settlinginIndia

Providedthat acandidatebelonging to categories (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v)above shallbe aperson in whose favour a certificate of eligibilityhas been issuedbythe Government of India. Certificate of eligibilitywill not,however,be necessary in the case of candidates who areGorkha subjectsofNepal.

(b)Age Limits, Sex and Marital Status: "Onlyunmarriedmalecandidates born not earlier than 2nd January 1991 andnot later than1stJuly, 1993 are eligible".

Thedate of birth accepted bytheCommission is that entered in theMatriculation or SecondarySchoolLeaving Certificate or in acertificate recognised by anIndianUniversity as equivalent toMatriculation or in an extract fromaRegister of Matriculatesmaintained by a University which mustbecertified by the properauthority of the University or in theHigherSecondary or an equivalentexamination certificates. Thesecertificatesare required to besubmitted only after the declaration ofthe result ofthe written partof the examination. No other documentrelating to agelike horoscopes,affidavits, birth extracts fromMunicipal Corporation,service recordsand the like will be accepted. TheexpressionMatriculation/HigherSecondary Examination Certificate in thispart ofthe instructionincludes the alternative certificates mentionedabove.

Note 1: Candidates should Note thatonly the Date of Birthasrecorded in the Matriculation/HigherSecondary ExaminationCertificate oran equivalent certificateAVAILABLE on the date ofsubmission ofapplications will be accepted bythe Commission and nosubsequent requestfor its change will beconsidered orgranted.

Note 2: Candidates should also Notethat once a Date ofBirthhas been claimed by them and entered in therecords of theCommission forthe purpose of admission to anExamination, no changewill be allowedsubsequently or at aNYsubsequent examination on anyGround Whatsoever.

Note 3: The candidates shouldexercisedue care whileentering their date of birth in column 8 oftheapplication form for theExamination. If on verification atanysubsequent stage any variation isfound in their date of birth fromtheone entered in their Matriculationor equivalentExaminationcertificate, disciplinary action will be takenAgainst themby theCommission under the Rules.

Note 4: Candidates mustundertake notto marry until theycomplete their full training. Acandidate whomarries subsequent to theDate of his application thoughsuccessful atthis or any subsequentexamination will not be selectedfor training. Acandidate who maRRiesduring training shall bedischarged and will beliable to refund allexpenditure incurred on himby the Government.

(c) NationalDefence Academy NDA & NA Exam (I) 2009EducationalQualifications:

  1. forArmy wing of National Defence Academy: 12th Class passofthe 10+2pattern of School Education or equivalent examinationconductedby aState Education Board oraUniversity.
  2. forAir force and Naval WingsofNational Defence Academy and for the 10+2(Executive Branch) Courseatthe Naval Academy :- 12th Class pass ofthe 10+2 pattern ofSchoolEducation or equilvalent with Physics andMathematics conducted byaState Education Board oraUniversity.

Candidateswho are appearinginthe 12th Class under the 10+2 pattern of SchoolEducation orequivalentexmination can also apply for thisexamination.

SuchCandidates WhoQualify The Ssb Interview But Could NotProduceMatriculation/10+2 OrEquivalent Certificates In Original At TheTimeof Ssb Interview Shouldforward The Certificates Along WithPhotoCopies Thereof to 'AddlDirectorate General of Recruiting, ArmyHq,West Block-Iii, R.K.Puram,New Delhi-110 066' and for NavalAcademyCandidates to Naval'Headquarters, DMPR (R&R) Section,Room No 204,'C' Wing, SenaBhawan, New Delhi - 110 011' By 5th December,2009failing which theircandidature will beCancelled.

AllOther Candidates Who HaveProduce Their Matriculation And10+2 Pass OrEquivalent Certificates InOriginal At The Time of AttendingThe SsbInterview And Have Got TheSame Verified By The Ssb AuthoritiesAre NotRequired to Submit The Sameto Army Hq Or Naval Hq As The CaseMay be.Certificates in originalissued by the Principals of theinstitutionsare also acceptable incases where Boards/Universities havenot yetissued certificates.Certified true copies/Photostat copies ofsuchcertificates will not beaccepted.

Inexceptional cases theCommission may treat a candidate,who does notpossess any of thequalifications prescribed in this ruleaseducationally qualifiedprovided that he possesses qualifications,thestandard of which in theopinion of the Commission, justifieshisadmission to theexamination.

Note 1: Candidates appearing inthe 11th class exam are noteligible for thisexamination.

Note2: Those candidates whohave yet to qualify in the 12thclass orequivalent examination and areallowed to appear in theUPSCExamination should Note that this is only aspecial concessiongiven tothem. They are required to submit proof ofpassing the 12thclass orequivalent examination by the prescribed date(i.e. 5thDecember 2009)and no request for extending this date willbeentertained on thegrounds of late conduct ofBoard/UniversityExamination, delay indeclaration of results or anyother groundwhatsoever.

Note3: Candidates who aredebarred by the Ministry ofDefence from holdingany type of commissionin the Defence Servicesshall not be eligiblefor admission to theexamination and if admitted,their candidaturewill be cancelled.

Note 4: Those candidates whohave failed INSB/PABT earlierare not eligible for Airforce.

(d)Physical Standards:

Candidatesmust be physicallyfitaccording to physical standards for admission toNational DefenceAcademyand Naval Academy Examination (I), 2009 as perguidelines giveninAppendix-V.

(e)Acandidate who has resignedor withdrawn on disciplinarygrounds fromany of the training academicsof Armed forces is noteligible to apply.

National DefenceAcademy Examination (I)- NDA 2009 Exam Announcement ofResults

1.Announcement of the Resultsof the Written Examination,Interview ofqualified candidates,announcement of final results andadmission tothe training courses ofthe finally qualified candidates:The UnionPublic Service Commissionshall prepare a list of candidateswho obtainthe minimum qualifyingmarks in the written examination asfixed by theCommission in theirdiscretion.

Suchcandidates shallappear before a Services SelectionBoard forintelligence andPersonality Test where candidates for theArmy/Navywings of the NDA and10+2 Executive branch of Naval Academywill beassessed on officerspotentiality and those for the Air Force inPilotAptitude Test and forofficers potentiality.

Two StageSelectionProcedure:

Two stage selectionprocedurebased on Psychological Aptitude Test andIntelligence Test hasbeenintroduced at Selection Centres/Air ForceSelectionBoards.

All the candidates will be putto stage one test on firstday of reporting at Selection Centres/AirForce SelectionBoards.

Onlythose candidates whoqualify at stage one will beadmitted to thesecond stage/remainingtests. Those candidates whoqualify stage IIwill be required to submitthe original Certificatesalong with onephotocopy each of :

  1. original Matriculation passcertificate or equivalent insupport of date of birth;
  2. Original 10+2pass certificate or equivalent in support ofeducationalqualification.

Candidateswho appear beforetheServices Selection Board and undergo the testthere will do so attheirown risk and will not be entitled to claimany compensation orotherrelief from Government in respect of anyinjury which they maysustainin the course of or as a result of any ofthe tests given to themat theServices Selection Board whether due tothe negligence of anyperson orotherwise. Parents or guardians of thecandidates will berequired tosign a certificate to this effect.

To be acceptable,candidatesfor the Army/Navy and Naval Academy should secure theminimumqualifying marks separately in

(i) Writtenexamination and

(ii)Officer potentialitytest,as fixed by the Commission in theirdiscretion, and candidates fortheAir Force should secure the minimumqualifying marksseparatelyin

  1. Writtenexamination
  2. Officer potentialitytest,and
  3. PilotAptitude Test as fixed by the Commission intheirdiscretion.

Subjectto these conditionsthequalified candidates will then be placed in thefinal order of meritonthe basis of total marks secured by them in theWritten examination,andthe Services Selection Board Tests in threeseparate lists-one fortheArmy and the Navy, the second one for theAir Force and the thirdforthe Course at the Naval Academy. The namesof candidates who qualifyforall the Services of NDA and the NavalAcademy will appear in allthethree Merit Lists.

Thefinal selection foradmissionto the Army and Naval Wings of theNational Defence Academywill be madein order of merit upto the numberof vacancies availablefrom the meritlist for the Army and NavalWings, for the Air Force Wingfrom the meritlist for the Air Force;and for the Executive Branch ofNaval Academyupto the number ofvacancies available from the merit listfor the NavalAcademy, subjectto medical fitness and suitability in allotherrespects. Thecandidates who are common to all the three meritlists willbeconsidered for selection from all the three lists withreferencetotheir order of preferences and in the event of theirfinalselectionfrom one list, names will be cancelled from theotherlists.

Note:Every candidate fortheAir Force is given Pilot Aptitude Test onlyonce. The Grade securedbyhim at the first test will there-fore holdgood for everysubsequentinterview he has with the Air Force SelectionBoard. Acandidate whofails in the first Pilot Aptitude Test cannotapply foradmission to theNational Defence Academy Examination for theAir Forcewing or GeneralDuties (Pilot) Branch or Naval AirArm.

Candidateswho have been giventhe Pilot Aptitude Test forany previous N.D.A.course should submittheir application for thisexamination for the AirForce Wing only ifthey have been notified ashaving qualified in thePilot AptitudeTest.

The form and mannerofcommunication of the result of theexamination to individualcandidatesshall be decided by the Commissionat their discretion andthe Commissionwill not enter intocorrespondence with them regardingtheresult.

Success in theexaminationconfers no right of admission tothe Academy. A candidatemust satisfythe appointing authority that he issuitable in allrespects foradmission to the Academy.

2. Disqualification forAdmission to the TrainingCourse:

Candidateswho were admitted toan earlier course at theNational Defence Academyor to the ExecutiveBranch of Naval Academy butwere removed therefromfor lack ofofficer-like qualities or ondisciplinary grounds will notbe admittedto theAca-demy.

Candidateswho were previouslywithdrawn from the NationalDefence Academy orNaval Academy on medicalgrounds or left the aboveAcademy voluntarilyare however, eligible foradmission to the Academyprovided theysatisfy the medical and otherprescribedconditions.

3.No request for withdrawal ofcandidature received from acandidateafter he has submitted hisapplication will be enter-tainedunderanycircumstances.

4. The details regardingthe

  1. Scheme and Syllabus oftheexamination.
  2. Guidelines for filling up theapplicationform.
  3. List ofHead Post Office/Post Offices from which applicationform can bepurchased.
  4. Special instructions to candidates for ObjectiveTypeTests.
  5. Physicalstandards for admission to the National DefenceAcademy and NavalAcademy.
  6. Briefparticulars of the serviceetc.

forcandidates joiningtheNational Defence Academy and Naval Academy aregiven in AppendicesI,II, III, IV,V and VIrespectively.

National DefenceAcademy Examination (I)- NDA 2009 Scheme ofExamination

1. Thesubjects of the writtenexamination, the time allowed and the maximummarks allotted to eachsubject will be asfollows:

SubjectCodeDurationMaximum Marks
Mathematics012-? Hours300
GeneralAbilityTest022-? Hours600

2.The papers in all thesubjectswill consist of objective type questionsonly. The questionpapers (TestBooklets) of Mathematics and Part "B"of General Abilitytests Will beset Bilingually in Hindi as wellasEnglish.

3. In the question papers,wherever necessary, questionsinvolving the metric system of Weights andMeasures only will beset.

4. Candidates must write thepapers in their ownhand. In nocircumstances will they be allowed thehelp of a scribe towrite answersfor them.

5. The Commission havediscretion to fix qualifying marksin any or all the subjects at theexamination.

6.The candidates are notpermitted to use calculator orMathematical orlogirithmic table foranswering objective type papers(Test Booklets).They should nottherefore, bring the same inside theExaminationHall.

Last Date of Issue of Form 17.11.2008
Last date of Submission 17.11.2008
Date of Examination 19th April 2009

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